Palomar District of General Federation of Women’s Clubs

“Step Up, Step Out of Your Comfort Zone, and Step Into Leadership”

Focus- Women’s and Children’s Health Issues


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December 31, 2016-  Start the Report Writing Process- go to the CFWC First Vice President’s Web Page for Forms and Instructions.  Click here.


January 10, 2017-  Deadline for January 17, 2017 Palomar District Board of Director’s Meeting.  Click here for more information.

January 15, 2017– Deadline for Hotel Reservation for CFWC February Board Meeting in Costa Mesa

January 16, 2017-  Report are due tomorrow at the Palomar District Board meeting in Carlsbad!  Go to the CFWC First Vice President’s Page for Forms and Instructions.  Click here.  

January 17, 2017

  • Palomar District Board of Directors Meeting.  Click here for more information.
  • Club Contest Award Entries (Narratives) and Statistical Form Due
  • Writing Contest Entries due to Robin Scheuer
  • Photography Entries due to Debbie Bainbridge.  Judging will take place off-site and entries will be returned at the District Art Festival Judging on February 21, 2017.  NEW THIS YEAR.   No pre-registration due for the Photography Contest, but please be sure to bring your REGISTRATION form with you along with your photo entries.

January 31, 2017-  Deadline for Club Narrative (Club Award Contest Forms) due to Vicky O’Kelly, Palomar Dean

February 6, 2017-  Deadline for Meal Reservation for CFWC February Board Meeting in Costa Mesa

February 14, 2017

  • Fine Arts Pre-registration Form due to Joye Davisson
  • Crafts Pre-registration Form due to Bea Liner
  • District President-  Palomar Statistical Report due to Dori Kelsey
  • District Dean/Chairmen- CFWC Club AND District Award Entry Forms due to the CFWC Chairmen.  Club First Place Winners in each category clearly marked on the top right hand corner.
  • Membership Reports-  The Palomar District Award Entry Form and all Membership Club Award Entry Forms to be submitted to both the Area D Vice President and the 2nd VP of CFWC, each require a full set of all reports submitted.

February 15, 2017-  Deadline for Palomar Club Writing Contest winners to CFWC Chairman (Elaine Raines)-   (Myrna Binford/Robin Scheuer).  Click here for CFWC Contest Information. 

February 16-18. 2017-  CFWC Winter Board (Costa Mesa Hilton)

February 21, 2017- Palomar District Art Festival Judging & Brunch- Templar Hall- Poway.   Click here for more information. 


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There are 12 clubs in the North San Diego County Area.  Club addresses or links to available websites for each club are listed under “The Palomar District Area Clubs“.  We hope you will contact the club serving your area to see what their volunteer opportunities are.   Click here for upcoming CLUB events.

Mission Statement

The GFWC California Federation of Women’s Clubs is part of an International Community Service Organization which provides education, training and interaction opportunities for volunteers who are committed to individual growth and community improvement to enrich the quality of life throughout California and the world.


UNITE – We offer several opportunities for our members to share ideas at meetings, fundraisers and our annual convention, and through our  Club Newsletters.

PROMOTE – GFWC and CFWC endorsed Community Service Projects and membership recruit/retain/orientation ideas.  (Attend CFWC Area D Membership Conference – October/November)


  • CFWC Year-end Report Completion

RECOGNIZE – Accomplishments of our members at the annual Arts Festival/District Convention (April) and CFWC Convention (May)