Nys Non Compete Agreements

Non-compete agreements have been a matter of debate in the state of New York for quite some time now. Also known as restrictive covenants, the purpose of such agreements is to restrict employees from leaving and joining competing firms. These agreements usually include a clause prohibiting employees from working for the competition for a certain period of time after leaving their current employer.

In New York, the enforceability of non-compete agreements is not straightforward. Unlike some states where non-compete agreements are almost entirely barred, New York allows non-compete agreements in limited circumstances. The state requires non-compete agreements to meet certain criteria before being deemed enforceable.

One of the primary criteria is that non-compete agreements must protect legitimate business interests, such as trade secrets or confidential information. If the restrictions in a non-compete agreement are too broad and unreasonably limit the employee`s ability to work in their chosen field, they may be deemed unenforceable.

New York courts have also held that non-compete agreements must be reasonable in duration and geographic scope. Employers cannot restrict employees from working in a particular industry or location indefinitely or without limit.

It`s worth noting that non-compete agreements are not the only type of restrictive covenant used in New York. Employers can also use non-solicitation agreements, which restrict employees from soliciting the employer`s clients or customers after leaving. They can also use non-disclosure agreements, which prohibit employees from sharing confidential information with third parties.

Overall, non-compete agreements in New York are a complex and nuanced area of law. Employers must ensure that their agreements meet the necessary requirements to be enforceable. Employees, on the other hand, should carefully consider the terms of any non-compete agreement before signing it.

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