Speakers & Entertainers

Do you need a speaker or entertainer for your club meeting or fundraiser?  The following people/organizations have been recommended by Palomar members.

Suzy Long from Dos Gringos (Vista)- recommended by Vista Woman’s Club. demo’d arrangements with sunflowers and others she gathered up (custom bouquets she chooses from their stock).  She charges for the flowers.  Her e-mail contact is suzysflowers@gmail.com.   (updated 1.8.14)

Cathleen Chilcote Wallace- story teller-  Luiseño (San
Luis Rey) Indian history, language, artifacts, and music; her storytelling
helps us connect with those who were here before us. Her son Brandon
has been playing native flute to go with her stories since he was 9 and
he’ll be joining her at our program; he’s a new UCSB graduate! Cathleen
has published a book about early local native life: “One Day at Batiquitos
Lagoon.” The story follows a family as Father hunts, Mother gathers
lemonade berries and wild hyacinth, and Brother gets trapped on a mud
flat. You’ll have to read the story to find out who helps rescue Brother!  Her books are for sale.   Cathleen is also available as a visiting teacher/guest
speaker/storyteller for groups of all ages. She is on the web at “Native Talk. “  (Recommended by Vista Woman’s Club).

Music therapy for PTSD-  http://www.billprotzmann.com/
Email: bill@musiccare.net
Phone: 800-785-8596
Web: http://www.musiccare.net    (Recommended by Vista Woman’s Club)

Joan of Arc-600th birthday celebration– Judith Wolinsky-actor/writer.  Judy needs one month notice and she charges for the program.  Phone:  619-562-5281 (evening); 858-514-4930 (work).   (Recommended by Vista Woman’s Club)

Vic Moraga- Acoustic guitar & contemporary popular song program–  Will negotiate fee.  Email:  vmoraga@hotmail.com  (Recommended by Vista Woman’s Club)

Benefits of Wine and Chocolate-  Dr. Philip J. Goscienski, MD.  Free talk and he sells his book.  Email: drphilg@cox.net  (Recommended by Vista Woman’s Club)

Kelly Moore (Music for Mandkind)–  sings, dances- 1 one hours show of popular Broadway and American favorites.  Contact the San Diego Woman’s Club for more information-  email:  sdwomansclub@yahoo.com